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Some pilgrimage observations feb 2020

An overview of recent pilgrimage events and news from around the world

USA, Our Lady of Good Help
Europe, Beloved pilgrimage sites
USA, Kenobi's film has working title Pilgrim
Europe, New pilgrimage series of the BBC
Europe, The spirit at Europe's pilgrimage sites
Europe, Via Francigena
Info, Why hiking is good for you
ME & Asia, Coronavirus, Saudi Arabia bans pilgrims
World, Sacred journeys Info, Spiritual tourism on the rise


You don’t need to travel to Europe to go on pilgrimage. Our Lady came to Wisconsin, too.

The Jesuit Review
Pilgrimage USA

This new pilgrimage links the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, near Green Bay, with the Basilica and National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians (popularly known as “Holy Hill”), northwest of Milwaukee. Much of the 130-mile route passes through the Kettle Moraine, a long swath of land in eastern Wisconsin carved by glaciers into a postcard-worthy landscape of lakes, hills, ridges and plains.


Pilgrimage Europe

Traveling as a pilgrim is a powerful way to experience your trip with a strong sense of purpose: to go beyond tourism and connect more deeply with a place, a culture, or a faith. Travelers considering pilgrimages in Europe have the opportunity to follow centuries-old routes or trace new paths in a search for perspective on their own culture – or the culture of others.


What this means for the show isn’t confirmed but this might suggest that Ben Kenobi might leave Tatooine at some point which I know might ruffle the feathers of fans expecting him to spend his entire time on the backwater planet. 


Pilgrimage UK Europe

Hot on the heels of the first two critically acclaimed series that saw well known personalities embark on a journey of discovery, to Santiago and Rome, Pilgrimage returns to BBC Two this spring. Seven new famous faces will take to the open road, as they follow a completely different pilgrimage. This time, in Pilgrimage: The Road To Istanbul.


Pilgrimage Europe

Travelling as a pilgrim is a powerful way to experience your trip with a strong sense of purpose — to go beyond tourism and connect more deeply with a place, a culture, or a faith. Travelers considering pilgrimages in Europe have the opportunity to follow centuries-old routes or trace new paths in a search for perspective on their own culture — or the culture of others.


Wanted in Rome
Pilgrimage Europe

In the Middle Ages, it was the road that brought pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome. The Italian section today is a journey through some of the most fascinating places in the boot. On foot, you don’t need much, in fact very little is enough.


Five Ways Hiking Is Good for You

Background info 
Hiking in nature is not only good for our bodies, but good for our moods, minds, and our relationships

Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry announced it has temporarily suspended entrance into the country for religious pilgrims travelling to Mecca, in order to "prevent the arrival of the new coronavirus into the kingdom and its spread".


Pilgrimage Worldwide

Whatever your religion—if any—or how you choose to observe, in today's plugged-in and stressed-out times, an introspective journey can offer travelers a chance to spend time reflecting in nature. While any hike can be transformative, traveling the same path as others makes these intentional, soul-searching pilgrimages more than simply walks in beautiful places. Follow in the footsteps of Buddhist monks in Japan or a revered Viking king in Scandinavia or seek a shaman's healing in ice-cold lagoons in Peru.


From nature hikes to chats with chickens, spiritual tourism is on the rise

Background spiritual tourism

Contemplating the growth of spiritual tourism at a peaceful, if sometimes odd, Santa Fe resort.

zondag 15 september 2019

Some pilgrimage observations

An overview of recent pilgrimage events and news from around the world.

Europe, the Via Francigena
Europe, the camino, an introduction
Asia, the Mount Kailash pilgrimage
Asia, from film induced tourism to anime tourism
America, the Pacific Crest Trail (book)
Europe, Norway's new soul-soothing, time-travelling pilgrimage
Europe, the camino in Slovakia
Europe, pilgrimage as slow travel in Italy's Emilia-Romagna
Asia, pilgrimage sites in Nepal


Aleteia: This ancient pilgrimage road crosses Europe from north to south

"Before the discovery of the tomb of Santiago El Mayor in Compostela, Rome was the European city with the only Western-known burial spot of one of the twelve apostles.", includes slideshow.


The Hindu: A 24-day gruelling trek to Mount Kailash in Tibet

"Every year, faith inspires thousands of Indians to undertake the gruelling trek to Mount Kailash in Tibet.", includes slide show.


The Japan Times: Japan's anime tourism: A lucrative blend of cash and chaos 

"Japan has become a magnet for young tourists from Asia on “pilgrimage” tours to the most famous scenes in Japanese anime."


Newsweek: The great alone, walking the Pacific Crest Trail

Why did I walk 4265 kilometers grom Mexico to Canada? Introduction to the book of Tim Voors.
"Leaning on a gnarled wooden staff like a clean-cut version of Gandalf, pilgrim priest Einar was waiting for me outside the world’s most northerly medieval cathedral. “Welcome to Trondheim and well done for finishing St Olav Ways,” he said, warmly shaking my hand."


Traveler: Pilgrimage of a lifetime: How and why you should walk Spain's famous Camino de Santiago 

An introduction to the camino pilgrimage, where to go, what's it like... "But the Way is no longer about war, fanaticism or religious ascendancy. Today's pilgrims walk arguably in what was always the true spirit of pilgrimage – for acceptance, forgiveness and redemption. And in the case of my friends, utter generosity."


"The Way of St James in Slovakia. The route is 603 km long and is divided into five stretches."


Slow travel in Emilia-Romagna where ten ancient pilgrimage routes cross through the region.


Nepali Sansar: Nepal’s Top Pilgrimage Sites – The Abode of Spirituality

Have a look at some of the best Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites..

vrijdag 30 augustus 2019

The climate and the Hajj

MIT news last week published a report on climate change and the Muslim pilgrimage Hajj: 

They concluded: "According to a new study by researchers at MIT and in California, because of climate change there is an increasing risk that in coming years, conditions of heat and humidity in the areas of Saudi Arabia where the Hajj takes place could worsen, to the point that people face “extreme danger” from harmful health effects."

The Guardian published an editorial: 

As climate crisis is endangering an age-old sacred rite, environmental stewardship is needed. 
"With approximately 100m plastic bottles left behind each year after the pilgrimage ends, it’s clear that action is desperately needed. "

zondag 26 augustus 2018

And again, recent pilgrimage observations

An overview of recent pilgrimage events and news from around the world.

  • Scandinavia: A guide to the Scandinavian St Olav Way
  • Ireland: The annual Croagh Patrick
  • Mexico: Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Spain: Fake markings on the Camino
  • Spain: What the Way teaches
  • France Mt Saint Michel for the secular and the religious
  • Europe: More Muslim pilgrims in Europe, doing it together
  • Spain: What you perhaps didn't know about the camino pilgrimage
  • Japan: Shikoku, no right way
  • SaudiArabia: The Hajj
  • Europe/Israel: Walking towards Jerusalem, walking away from depression
  • USA/general: Hiking's popularity


In Matador network an introduction with fine photography on the St. Olav Way.

The ultimate guide to hiking the St. Olav Ways

Photo: Jacqueline Kehoe


The Irish Times reports on the annual Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage. A photographic journey.

Photo: Michael Mc Laughlin

Nearly 60.000 pilgrims 'did' Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. Catholic News Agency reports.

"By foot and by bicycle, some 60,000 people arrived at the Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City on July 22, for a pilgrimage that covered more than 185 miles from Querétaro state"


ElPais reports on the fake signs on the Camino de Santiago.

Down the wrong path: Spanish city fights against fake signs on Camino de Santiago
"Associations say some bar owners are altering official markings to get people to walk by their establishments, even if it means a risky detour."


Chaplain Mike in Internet Monk on what the Way teached him.

Photo from articleby by Staffan Andersson

The trail taught me something else, deeper, more needed, and more humbling: What I learned from walking the road in the company of three close friends was how spoiled and immature I’d become"


Catholic Reporter lookes at secular places of spirituality, like Mont St Michel.

Article picture Pixabay/Ridoe 

Raimund Joos: What's often missing is direct contact with the world and with people — and that's what a pilgrimage offers, a way of letting go and being open to something new."


ScienceNordic:  Growing number of Muslim pilgrims in Europe

"Pilgrimages have become more popular all over the world in recent years. New pilgrimage sites are emerging and in Europe Muslims and Christians are visiting each other’s pilgrimage sites."

“We often also see Muslim pilgrims combine their journey with taking part in a march for peace or other forms of civil engagement, for example, a meeting between different Muslim groups or a meeting between Christians and Muslims.

Article photo from Sara Kuehn

"Do you know who the first pilgrim was on the world-famous Way of Saint James? Can you guess what the effect of the internet is on today’s travelers? Read on…"
Article photo The coastal path at the Asturian beach of Peñarronda. 


In JapanTimes a report on the Shikoku Henro.
Between the slurping sounds that accompany the rapidly disappearing noodles, we talk about why we are doing the pilgrimage.

Article photo by CHRISTINA SJOGREN


IrishTimes wants you to explore five routes

Irish Pilgrim Journey 2018: five ancient and sacred routes to follow

"Walk for the Weekend: Explore five ancient routes across some of the country’s most captivating landscapes"

And again you'll meet Croagh Patrick.

Articlephoto: St Finbarr’s Pilgrim Path. Photograph: David O’Callaghan


And another pilgrimage in Ireland. Know of the Ladywell Shrine? Have a look at Alateia:

A pilgrimage to Ireland’s miraculous Ladywell Shrine

"Upon approaching the shrine I had arrived early but already there were people praying the stations of the Cross which is a popular prayer said by many of the local Catholics who visit the Shrine every year. One married couple informed me that for 40 years they’ve been coming to the Shrine and have never missed a year."

Article photo by Stephen Mc Elligott | Aleteia


The Sun: In august Mecca greeted it's Muslim pilgrims.
HOLY JOURNEY Incredible images show Muslims gathering in Mecca where where 2.6MILLION worshippers will descend for the annual Hajj pilgrimage

"The five day pilgrimage is the world's largest single gathering of people and this year begins on the evening of August 19."


The Guardian: 'A 60-mile trek brought deep calm. So the author headed for Jerusalem, 5,500 kms away'
"And the value of pilgrimage, it turned out, wasn’t completed when the end-point was reached. Instead, he has continued to ponder it and, little by little, begun to understand how it has helped him recover."

StarTribune, The popularity of hiking
Photo: A walk in the woods BROAD GREEN PICTURES
"The number of Americans day-hiking has risen 22 percent over the last three years, and there has been an 11 percent increase in backpacking."

donderdag 5 april 2018

Some recent pilgrimage observations...

In this episode of recent popular articles on pilgrimage..
  • Shikoku
  • Lindisfarne Good Friday
  • Camino Primitivo
  • Rocky Mountains, the spiritual
  • Chimayó
  • What is a pilgrim?
  • Deutsche Welle Camino
  • Bitten by the Hiking Bug

The Japan Times: No right way to complete Shikoku’s 88-temple pilgrimage

Chronicle Life: Cross-bearing pilgrims arrive in Lindisfarne for Good Friday event

Santa Few New Mexican: Thousands join pilgrimage to Chimayó

Metro: What is a pilgrim?

Deutsche Welle: Pilgrimage season gets underway in Europe

Stuff: Bitten by the Hiking Bug

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